TESTIMONIALS and Bragging Rights


1. Direct traffic with better visibility 

When Deidre Goodwin was nearly struck by a vehicle while directing traffic, she knew there had to be a better way to increase her own visibility. “I was wearing gloves that my agency provided, but they did not work because drivers kept yelling that they couldn’t see my hands,” she says. “I went out looking for gloves that were more visible, durable, reflective, tactical and lightweight and they did not exist.” So Goodwin sold her house, cashed out her 401k and HALTZGLOVES was born. “My law enforcement friends gave input and feedback while in research and development,” she says. “It was vital that these gloves did not impede us while doing our job.” The HALTZGLOVES lineup includes nighttime and daytime full gloves and half gloves.



  • "I have used the Haltzgloves Nighttime gloves for about two years now. I work with one of our local private schools to do traffic control for them in the morning time. When I switched to these gloves, I noticed immediately that motorists appeared to be able to see me much better. I feel like my life is better protected by such a simple innovation as Haltzgloves". Sgt. M Special Operations | Traffic/DUI Supervisor Chattanooga PD
  • "These are the best reflective gloves"..Chief Ellis Brunswick Schools
  • ""These are the best constructed most logical reflective gloves on the market and all Law Enforcement should be using them" T.C. Atlanta Police Department
  • "Outstanding product and fast shipping! Several motorist have stated they can see gloves .25 miles approaching traffic area!" Steven, Dandridge TN
  • "Buyer demonstrated product at Louisiana Chief's of Police Association Conference. They feel so good on my hands and are very functional. Love them. I have been recommending them to coworkers". Franklin, Haynesville, LA
  • "Being on a emergency response team we are often doing traffic control, These come in handy at night"  William Karlberg, Lake Zurich, IL
  • "My husband is a deputy and got these to try out...he was tired of people  saying they could not see his hands during the day and the flashlights do no good. His co-worker was a good distance away and said " Man, I think I can see you now" LOL Jessica, Wetompka, AL
  • "Great buy, very well made! I usually wear a small but read to buy one size bigger so I bought a medium and they fit great!. Very comfortable and work great for traffic." Stacey, Stockton, CA 
  • "These gloves were exactly what we needed while working an accident"  Sgt. M- Georgia State Patrol
  • "We were happy to the be the 1st Distributors of HALTZGLOVES "  Metro Uniform
  • " I love the product and support Law Enforcement so I am donating 50 pair to Lumpkin County Sheriff "   Anonymous Donor 
  • "I would recommend HALTZGLOVES" B.Wallace Chamblee PD
  • "They slide on and off easily, they are very reflective,your hands don't sweat and they are very comfortable" Sgt Patterson Dekalb PD
  • " I really like my HALTZGLOVES" Cpl Jantosaak Peachtree City PD
  • " A resident said she could see my HALTZGLOVES from the other side of town"  K. Hibler Watkinsville PD
  •  Great Gloves with high visibility.  I used them for several hours during a parade event and drivers were able to see me easier. Ofc A. Thacker
  • Easily recognizable gloves...that increase officer safety. Anonymous
  • HALTZGLOVES nighttime are exceptional at night. Vehicle stops are safer....RH Winterville PD
  • Cpt. Tim Sharp, Baxter PD,Tennessee  "HALTZGLOVES are #1. I use them each and every day in the school zone and I had parents to stop and tell me" Those I can see". I recommend these gloves- HALTZGLOVES- for traffic safety. Best on the Market.
  • GA H.E.R.O. Unit Supervisor. E. Davenport - My staff loves HALTZGLOVES
  •  I gave the daytime gloves I won from you to one of our SRO Officers who directs the school traffic in the mornings and afternoons and just wanted you to know that he absolutely loves them and said that people have told him that they really make a difference in seeing his hands.- Cumberland County(TN) Sheriff's Office