SUSAN G. KOMEN ® Pink Gloves

HALTZGLOVES is pleased to announce HALTZGLOVES is going "Pink" in support of SUSAN G. KOMEN ®  National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

From May 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019 HALTZGLOVES will donate to SUSAN G. KOMEN ® $5.00 for each "Pink" set sold.

 We are Official Friends of SUSAN G. KOMEN ®  listed on the Corporate Sponsors /Friends Page.

"Bringing a HALTZ to Breast Cancer"

HALTZGLOVES "Pink Gloves" will have the same reflective properties as our amazing line of products, but they will be a Beautiful Pink.

Proceeds from the Pink Glove will go to SUSAN G. KOMEN ®

Special thanks to Robyn for giving us this beautiful theme song, "Woman Thing" for our campaign! Watch the video below to listen.