Why do you need to wear HALTZGLOVES Traffic Gloves????

police officer directing traffic in reflective safety vest 


While directing traffic on of the busiest roads in Atlanta, 
Deidre Goodwin was almost struck by a car!!
Deidre looked for months for a product to solve the problem of increased visibility, clear instructions to drivers, and increase stopping distance.
The gloves did not exist, so Deidre invented HALTZGLOVES .
"I decided to make  HALTZGLOVES because too many drivers complained that they could not see my hands or understand my directions"
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 Drivers today have more distractions than ever...

Cell phones, texting, other passengers, accidents, eating while driving, cause deadly accidents. 


  • HALTZGLOVES are designed to make it easier for you!
  • HALTZGLOVES  increases visibility!

Get HALTZGLOVES today and “ Be Seen and Be Safe”