May is National Inventors Month!

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May is National Inventors Month! 

National Inventors Month recognizes the curiosity and imagination of the people who innovate and create."' Haltzgloves inventor Deidre Goodwin is proud to be listed among inventors in Atlanta, Georgia.

The idea of HALTZGLOVES came to life in 2014 when Deidre was almost struck by a car while directing traffic Two years later through lots of hard work, persistence, perseverance, and planning HALTZGLOVES first shipment arrived on June 23, 2016. Now almost three years later, HALTZGLOVES has become an international company. HALTZGLOVES sports 6 lines of the reflective high visibility traffic glove."We have the only  high visibility reflective traffic glove on the market with an "X" on the palm and an "arrow" on back of the hand to give clear instructions.



HALTZGLOVES has been awarded the largest contract in the companies history by being selected as the official Pink Glove for Susan G. Komen.


"We are excited and look forward to being a part in finding a cure for breast cancer!", says Deidre.
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