5557PF Green Monkey™ Orange Nitrile 6mil Biodegradable Glove COMING SOON!


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The line of bio-degradable nitrile gloves offered by HALTZGLOVES are made with Reclaim™ additive that enhances product biodegradability in landfill conditions. Reclaim™ additive attracts microbes, which enables products to breakdown and biodegrade into biogas. The biogas is harnessed by modern smart landfills to create energy, such as electricity, and complete the cycle for a circular economy.

6 mil heavyweight nitrile glove use Reclaim additive to enhance biodegradability of glove once in landfill conditions while maintaining the same physical properties as regular nitrile
  • Orange, powder-free, heavyweight nitrile offers exceptionally durable strength with superior abrasion 
  • puncture resistance
  • Chemically resistant to oils, solvents and grease
  • 9.5 rolled cuff for greater strength and higher wrist protection
Textured pattern provides a sure-grip in oily and wet applications
50 gloves/dispenser

Orange heavyweight nitrile with Reclaim™ additive accelerates biodegradation in active landfills and anaerobic conditions, powder-free, 6 mil thickness, 9.5" rolled cuff, sure-grip textured pattern, 50 gloves/dispenser Size S–XXL  These nitrile gloves retains the same properties as regular nitrile disposables until they are discarded in landfills at which point degradation begins.

HALTZGLOVES is revolutionizing the traffic control world with their reflective safety gloves. Our team devised the entire premise for our product to aid in accident prevention. CEO Deidre Goodwin created a product that sustainably offers drivers and those who direct traffic better assistance with visibility and directions. If you have ever crossed the street, now imagine standing in the middle of the road.

Our patented high-density reflective material provides visibility up to a linear view of 1250 feet. The premium material of our reflective safety gloves is comprised of stretchy moisture-wicking fabric to offer fast drying in addition to a compressed fit. This high-quality fabric also offers a variety of benefits.

  • Easy to wash and care for
  • Fibers are continuously moisture wicking
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Conceals perspiration
  • Prevents bacterial and fungal growth
HALTZGLOVES come in full-finger and fingerless glove options. We offer options for both warmer and colder months because safety is a year-round commitment. The full-glove option offers the same freedoms as the fingerless gloves by providing the index finger with a tactile material that helps the wearer use electronic devices. The material also provides a solid grip to prevent any interference with important work duties.

All of our daytime gloves are dual colored and feature a bright red X on the palm of each to indicate ‘stop’ and bright high viz with arrows on the top to signal ‘go.’ Our nighttime gloves host the same signal indicators but are constructed solely of OSHA’s approved high viz material. All of our gloves, day and night, offer our impressive reflective 1250-feet linear visibility. Join our HALTZ family to help aid in improving safety. You can review comments from our satisfied customers here. Or, if you’re ready to join our HALTZGLOVES family, you can review our entire product catalog of reflective safety gloves.