HALTZGLOVES for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement and Traffic Officers are RAVING about our new HALTZGLOVES!

These gloves were created by a police officer who over and over tried to direct traffic with gloves that didn't stand out. People complained about not being able to see the traffic instructions - and it was UNSAFE with such limited visibility! Those problems have been solved with HALTZGLOVES!

Check out the reflection on these! And the arrows on the glove make is so easy for drivers to read your instructions!


Get yours today, and stay safe on the streets!

These gloves come in full gloves (with fingers covered) or half gloves (with fingers exposed). You can also purchase gloves specific for daytime or nighttime use. 

Full Gloves: $32.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Half Gloves: $29.99 + FREE SHIPPING


What are people saying about HALTZGLOVES?

"These are the best constructed, most logical reflective gloves on the market and all Law Enforcement should be using them." T.C., Atlanta Police Department

"Great gloves with high visibility. I used them for several hours during a paraded event and drivers were able to see me easier." Officer A. Thacker

"Haltzgloves are #1. I use them each and every day in the school zone and I had parents stop and tell me 'Those I can see'. I recommend HALTZGLOVES for traffic safety. Best on the market." Captain Tim Sharp, Baxter PD, Tennessee

"They slide on and off easily. They are very reflective, your hands don't sweat and they are very comfortable." Sgt. Patterson, Dekalb PD